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Meet Lynda Gill

Lynda is a Certified Dog Trainer who has worked with dogs in different capacities for over 20 years. She is a holder of Certificate 111 in Dog Behaviour and Psychology with the National Dog Trainers Federation.
Dogs are a passionate part of Lynda’s life and her aim is to help others to enjoy the companionship, comfort and sheer joy of owning a dog. Through her own experience, Lynda understands the fundamental importance of the relationship between owners and their dogs and has made this the basis for creating her training and development plans at Calm Paws.
Lynda works closely with owners to identify the behaviours and manners they would like from their dog, and to ensure that the integrity of the dog’s personality is maintained and its needs met. The dog is trained to fit harmoniously into its home environment.

Meet Lynda Gill: About
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