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Hi! Bodhi here – What’s happening?

Hello, my name is Bodhi. That's me in the photo with my little mate, Hughie. I get to hang with Hughie, and his family, a lot, and I love it. Being with kids, and nice people generally, is cool.

Anyway, I thought I would take a little time today to introduce myself, as I understand I am going to be mentioned, indeed involved, with this site in the future. I don’t think everything should be about you humans all the time. Us dogs, indeed all animals, have our rights too, desires and wants, likes and dislikes, and we should be allowed to express them.

So, firstly, I live with Lynda Gill and her brother Brad, and 3 other dogs, Shiva, Amber and Cody, at Tweed Heads West, right on the QLD/NSW border.

I like living here as I get to go for walks in the park, and there are many different parks around here too. We also get to go to other people’s homes, where there are dogs, and where people work, but, most of all, we get to go to the beach. I love going to the beach and running along the sand and into the water. Often there is a number of dogs and we all run around, chase each other, balls, and have good ol’ bark. We really let off steam, and it is so relaxing for me, and I always come back from the beach feeling great but tired. So, when I get home, I like to lie somewhere comfortable and rest, maybe have a sleep. Life feels pretty good at these times.

I like Lynda too. She is good to me. I don’t know if you know, but us dogs, we can understand you humans. Your facial expressions, body language, tone of voice, we can read you. So, I can tell what Lynda is trying to do. She tries to make sure I behave myself around the house and when we go out. I must admit I can be naughty at times and do things Lynda does not want me to do. But no doggie is perfect, I say. I don’t like getting into trouble so I try to do the right thing. But even when I am in the wrong Lynda doesn’t get angry at me, or correct me too hard. She just simply directs me into other, more positive, activities and helps me to forget the naughty thing I was doing. I like this. She doesn’t scream and shout, or hit, and if I am good, best of all, I get a treat. I really like chicken treats. I would recommend them for any doggie.

Generally, I like the food Lynda gives us. She cooks up different things for us, a chicken bone broth or chicken mince, or gives us biscuits, or raw meat. It’s really yummy, and healthy, I understand, and I always look forward to eating times. And there is always water to drink. It’s great. Nothing like a full tummy, especially chocked with food you like. I wonder if you humans are as lucky as me.

Yes, I live with 3 other dogs. Shiva I am probably closest too. We are both Tamarukes and around the same age. We spend a lot of time together. We play together and go out together too. Besides the beach and park, we go to doggie school every weekend, which is great fun, and educational, for us. We have met some really nice doggies, and puppies, there, and the people too are nice to us. I love going to doggie school. Sometimes we also go to where people work, places like Headspace and Churches of Christ. I like going to these places. The staff and young people are nice to us, and play with us, or hug and cuddle us. I really like being hugged. That’s so cool. With Shiva, at home, I like to play tug with the toys Lynda has given to us. I like to tug real hard and it is exciting for me to do that. Sometimes Shiva and I chase each other through the house, but Lynda doesn’t like that, so stops us when we do it. But that’s alright. I understand we have to be good around the house, but sometimes it is hard. We just want to have fun. Humans do, so why can’t we.

Amber and Cody I don’t spend as much time with. They are a lot older than me. Amber is quiet and doesn’t like us getting too excited or noisy. If we do, she goes into a bedroom or sits with Lynda. Sometimes she tries to correct us, and that does stop us. She is like a mother, a little bit. But that’s alright. Cody is a little more difficult. He gets real upset if we get out of hand, and he doesn’t like us getting too close to Lynda. Lynda is always correcting Cody, and he seems to do things he shouldn’t a lot. He is very protective of Lynda and is always by her side. Shiva and I try to stay away from Cody. We have learnt that is best. But he can be a nice dog too. We all have our good sides, don’t we? I just, at times, wish Cody could show his more often. But such is life, I guess.

So that, briefly, is my life. I think I am a happy doggie. I am pretty chilled and do not like to overdo things. I like to run and play, and go out, but I like my downtime too. Not for me, running round all the time, busy, busy, busy.  Nothing like hanging and chilling, I say. We should all do it, I reckon. Then life would be good.

Anyway, I hope to get to know you all in the future. I can be slow on the uptake, so don’t be too angry, but, heh, that’s me, and I’m fine with it. I may be slow but I always get there in the end. I always hear Lynda talking about the tortoise and the hare, and that I’m like a tortoise. I don’t know, I’ve never met one, but I hear they like to live, and frolic, in the ocean, and anyone who likes the ocean, and the beach, can’t be bad in my books.

Stay chilled, guys ….

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