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Hello, my name is Shiva

Hello, my name is Shiva and I have been asked to introduce myself, as I understand I will be part of this site in the future.

I am a little shy but I will do my best. I am not like those dogs who like attention and adulation all the time. I am happy hanging in the background, doing my own thing. But I will, as I said, do my best. That’s all I can do, isn’t it? That’s what Lynda says to me anyway. Come on, Shiva, you can do it, and you know what, generally I do. Lynda is good for giving me confidence. You need confidence and someone to trust in you, and Lynda does that every day with me, and the other dogs. She is always positive and supportive, and gives guidance, and helps us to do what we have to do or have been asked to do. She is good to me, and all the dogs, Lynda. I like to stay by her side. I feel safe and secure, and I learn a lot of things.

I live with Lynda and her brother Brad, and three other dogs, Bodhi, Amber and Cody, in Tweed Heads West, which is next to the Gold Coast. I like living here. Bodhi, you may have read about him before. He’s my best mate. He’s more confident and laid back than me. But that’s alright. I learn a lot from him, just by watching him. He’s a cool dog, Bodhi. And I will be too.

All of us, me and Bodhi, Amber and Cody, get to do things we like - go to the beach and the park, visit other people and hang with their dogs. Every weekend we go to Doggie School and that is very good for us. We learn how to behave with other dogs/puppies and people, and in public places. Bodhi and I also get to go to work places like Headspace and Churches of Christ. These places provide assistance to young people and try to make their lives better, and we tried to do that too. The staff and young people were good to us, and liked to play and cuddle and hug us. I liked that. And we tried to make everybody feel relaxed and at ease, comfortable and secure. Give them attention and affection. It is nice to be helpful and feel needed. You want to spread a bit of goodwill in the world, don’t you?

I like living with Cody and Amber too. You may have already read what Bodhi said about them, and I agree with him. I get a little more impatient with Cody than Bodhi. When Cody doesn’t like me getting too close to Lynda, I don’t think that is fair. Bodhi accepts it more than me. Lynda always puts Cody in his place if he is not being fair with us, or too harsh. I can trust Lynda to protect me. You want an owner, don’t you, that you can trust and know will keep you safe and secure? You only get loyalty if you give it too. That’s why I am loyal to Lynda and does as she asks me, because she is loyal to me and looks after me. But Cody can be good to me, and fun, too, and you have to give praise where praise is due. I learnt that also from Lynda.

I like Amber. I spend more time with her than Bodhi and follow her around. I feel safe with Amber, but I am not sure she always likes me hanging around her. But, you know, Bodhi and I are only young, and we are learning to respect those around us, and to have good manners. I do my best. I want to be a good dog and I like it when others like me.

As I said, Bodhi is my best mate and who I spend most of my time with. We are both Tamarukes and about the same age. He’s very chilled and is just as happy sitting doing nothing as playing with me. In fact, sometimes when I want to play Bodhi just wants to chill. I get a little bored then and sniff around checking out the environment, looking for things to do. If I can’t find anything I just chill too. So, I guess Bodhi is a good influence for me, as Lynda likes us to be calm and relaxed and, in fact, is training us to be like that.

Lynda wants us to be healthy too, so we get lots of exercise and eat good food, chicken mince and broth, biscuits and bones, all yummy stuff, and we get lots of water. We’re pretty lucky, I reckon, and don’t feel neglected or abused at all. In fact, I feel loved and wanted, and that makes me feel good and strong. Life is good when you have a strong bond and attachment with your owner, and you know your owner loves you. What more can you ask for really? Life is in its relationships.

How would I describe myself? It is difficult to say, but like I said, I am a little shy, but as I get older and more confident, that is changing. I am coming out of my shell, I guess you could say. Lynda has been very patient with me, and that has helped a lot. You not only have to trust in someone, but you need to have patience and tolerance, if you want to get the results you do, especially with someone like me. I like to meet other people and dogs, but I don’t like it when they are too harsh and scream and yell, or even hit or bite. I don’t think that is all necessary and says more about them than me, I reckon. If you want me to do something, just keep it simple and clear, and be nice, especially positive, about it, and I will do it, or at least try, but if you treat me badly, I won’t be very responsive. Why should I? Like loyalty, if you want dogs to be nice to you, then you need to be nice to them too.  When people, like Lynda, are positive and supportive with me, that is when I feel most comfortable and can perform to the best of my ability. I like it too when my boundaries are clear and consistent. Then I know what I can and can’t do. That is important, I think. Yes, the environment your owner provides, and creates, for you is very important. If you want a happy dog, create a happy environment. That’s what I think, anyway.

So, I hope that gives you, at least, a little picture of me. I look forward to what Lynda wants me to do on this site. I trust her, and I know she will always be there to bring out the best in me, and allow me to be the dog I truly am. And I can’t ask for more than that, can I?

Anyway, I wish everyone happiness and can be as lucky as I have been …

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